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Complete Crypto Management

ShapeShift Trading

  • Seamlessly buy and sell
    dozens of assets directly 
    in the platform

  • Trading is non-custodial, so there’s no need to trust a third-party

Hardware Security 

  • Utilize the best practice of offline, hardware security 

  • Retain control of your keys while enjoying an intuitive web interface

Portfolio Performance

  • Visualize your portfolio performance through graphs, sparklines, and real-time value movement

  • View your dashboard balances any time, anywhere. Your hardware wallet only needs to be connected for signing transactions

Real-Time Market Data 

  • Get real-time market prices and historical data without ever leaving the platform

  • Enjoy a clean experience, free from ads

Optimizing Your Experience

KeepKey is the premier hardware wallet for our closed beta and will enhance your experience while securing your keys safely offline. Other leading hardware wallets will be supported in the near future.

It’s time to choose a better path, so you can spend less time managing your crypto and more time enjoying it.


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We’ve poured our vision for the future of crypto into the new ShapeShift, streamlining the tools you need to securely manage your crypto into one, beautiful platform. 


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